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Defining Detail screens to have 16x9 Posters

SOLVED. Leaving it here in case anyone else runs into the issue.

Hello all:

I've hit a bit of a snag while building my channel from the videoplayer example.

I'm working on a Roku3, so everything is in HD. I'd like all posters to be 16x9, thus far, I can only seem to force this in the episodic picker and in app.HomeScreen.

In app.PosterScreen I've defined
and in app.HomeScreen I've defined


In my 3rd party hosted hosted XML, I've defined the content as "episode", but even with altering this parameter to audio or anything else, the 4x3 (now squashed) posted still appears.

I'm sure I'm overlooking something. Any thoughts? Thanks!

EDIT: I did insert
into my SpringboardScreen.brs with no change.

SOLVED. Entered the above string into the appDetailScreen. All is good.
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