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Deep link tester not working for Hulu



I use rokus deep link Tester to open Hulu . Since yesterday the deep links to shows and movies don’t go to the show it just shows the Hulu main home screen. 

Netflix also takes a while to open some titles when using deep links sometimes up to 5 minutes . 

itvalways used to work fine till 2 days ago 

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Re: Deep link tester not working for Hulu

I think you'll get more help in the Developer area:
  • Roku Streaming Stick +, 3810X, Ser YH0059427035, wifi - Samsung UN55ES6100
  • Roku Streaming Stick, 3600X, Ser 5S56D8240827, wifi - JVC EM37T
  • TCL Roku TV 43S425/C107X, Ser X000001R60KV, wifi
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Level 7

Re: Deep link tester not working for Hulu



Did you get this issue resolved? I'm having the same issue as well. It's super weird, Hulu deep linking was working fine for a long time but stopped all of the sudden. 


Does anyone know if this is attributed to Hulu app/product or Roku os/product

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Re: Deep link tester not working for Hulu

According to Roku docs:

Avoid deep linking into other channels: A channel may not deep link into third-party channels.

I read that to mean that you can't deep link to any channel that is not owned by you. Maybe they've just gotten around to disabling it or something.

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