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Criteria for removing a channel?

I'm thinking I need to take my channel out of the channel store for a while and return it when some things are addressed. Bottom line, my channel was submitted prematurely. I'm know when I tried to do it, it asked for a reason. Which circumstances do you allow for a channel to be removed and can it be returned later?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Criteria for removing a channel?

You want it pulled from the store, send an email to Developer AT roku DOT com during regular business days and we'll pull it out (essentially, we just make it into a private channel). You should also modify it to show a message like "This channel is temporarily out of service". When you want it back in, email me again, we might want to run it through our QA process again if it has changed significantly. Be sure to include the name of the channel and your developer account email address when you send the email. We normally pull channels when we become aware they are not working.

- Joel
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