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Create BIF file using a ts file on Mac


I am trying to create bif file for the vod content. I have ts file and I am using command 

biftool_mac/biftool video.ts

I am using Mac OS Catalina. This is creating three files.

Finding candidate frames in 1 files
Processing: video.ts
Detected stream PTS offset of 416ms
stream progress: #frames=3454 PTS=57567ms
Captured 6346 candidate frames in 19s
Selected 12 BIFs
Success: ./video-fhd.bif (size=0.220MiB, numImages=12, avgSize=18.731KiB)
Success: ./video-hd.bif (size=0.110MiB, numImages=12, avgSize=9.368KiB)
Success: ./video-sd.bif (size=0.057MiB, numImages=12, avgSize=4.834KiB)

Do I have to run any other command after this or I can use these files directly into my content to show thumbnails for trick play.

Please help me. I am using these files on my content but thumbnails are not showing on REW/FF on the player.

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Re: Create BIF file using a ts file on Mac

I'm not familiar with the Mac biftool, but just going by the text output it looks like it's producing what you need.  Your problem may lie elsewhere.

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