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Level 7

Content in a roVideoScreen

I need help understand this code
Title: "My Video"
StreamFormat: "hls"
Stream: { URL: ""}

Can you explain what the brackets are for in this code example Why not use one bracket:
Title: "My Video"
StreamFormat: "hls"
Stream: { URL: ""}

Why do we need all of these brackets:

Title: "My Video"
StreamFormat: "hls"
Stream: [color=#BF0000]{[/color] URL: ""[color=#BF0000]}[/color]
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Level 8

Re: Content in a roVideoScreen

square brackets indicate an array:




Curly brackets indicate an RoAssociativeArray:




I could be wrong, but I think the code you posted has some extra brackets that are from an attempt to colorize the code when you posted it, this makes the code almost unreadable, don't try to colorize code you post on the forum, just copy, paste, highlight and click "code" button before posting.

- Joel
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