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Contact Info For CESoft LLC


I've tried on several occasions to track down Roku developer 'CESoft LLC' but without success.

If the name doesn't ring any bells with you, they are responsible for developing the following Roku channels:-

    Wild Lakes
    Desert Beauty
    Pathogen 2
    Shut The Box
    Bubble Wrap

Their most recent addition to the Roku USA Channel Store was "MiniGolf" which was just last week.

I've been trying to make contact with "CESoft LLC" to ask them to add a couple of channels to the Roku UK Channel Store but, after extensive searches online, keep coming up empty handed and therefore unable to communicate with them on the subject.

Now, given that many of these channels are "paid", I would imagine that someone, somewhere at Roku knows how to contact these people?!

What I'd like is for another Forum member to either:-

(i) Contact CESoft LLC and have them respond on this thread, or;

(ii) Provide the contact info for CESoft LLC here, so that I may contact them myself.

Any help you can provide with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Binge Watcher

Re: Contact Info For CESoft LLC

I'll pass on your request.

- Joel
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Channel Surfer

Re: Contact Info For CESoft LLC

Hi There,

I think I saw your twitter posts if you are who I think you are, but I'll PM you.
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Re: Contact Info For CESoft LLC

I would also like to contact CESoft LLC.  I purchased the "Your Photos Screensaver", and I'm having an issue with it.  It shows the correct number of files are on my thumb drive (59), but when I start the slide show it just keeps showing the same 7 over and over.  I have looked for anything that the files that work have in common, and anything that the files that don't work have in common, and I'm stumped.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Reel Rookie

Re: Contact Info For CESoft LLC

Please also add that I love the Camera app but the screen needs to stay on longer

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Re: Contact Info For CESoft LLC

Hi Guys! 


I'm also looking to reach CESoft LLC does anyone have contact info? I saw another post asking regarding this but it was not resolved. Anyone know a website, Email to communicate with them. 


@The_Channel_Gui  did you were able to reach them? 


Thank you all.


Thank you

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Re: Contact Info For CESoft LLC

WHAT IS CESOFT? They charged me something and I don't know why.

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