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Contact Info For AMS Software - Roku Developer

Hello again,

Further to my success (a few months back) on this forum, in tracking down Roku developer 'CESoft LLC', I'm hoping someone can now help me to get in touch with another Roku developer that I'm currently having difficulty getting hold of. This time, it's 'AMS Software' that I'd like to communicate with.

If the name doesn't ring any bells with you, they are responsible for developing the "Countdown To The Magic" Roku channel, which was added to the Roku USA Channel Store just this week. You'll (currently) find it listed in both the "New" and "Screensavers & Apps" categories. Essentially, it's a Roku screensaver that you can use to display the number of days until your "magical vacation" or "holiday" (as we usually call them, here in the UK). To avoid any doubt, here is a direct link to the description on the Roku website, for the channel to which I am referring:-

LINK TO CHANNEL DESCRIPTION:!details/47874/countdown-to-the-magic

Anyway, I've been trying to make contact with "AMS Software" to ask them to add their "Countdown To The Magic" Roku channel to the Roku UK Channel Store but, after some fairly extensive searches online, I still keep coming up with inconclusive results (e.g. photo software developers, plus other companies in Russia and Poland, all of whom go by the name "AMS Software" for business purposes) and am therefore unable to communicate with them on the subject.

I'm hoping that someone, somewhere... who either works at Roku, or frequents this forum... knows how to contact these people?!

What I'd like is for another Forum member, or member of Roku staff, to either:-

(i) Contact '"AMS Software" and have them respond on this thread, or;

(ii) Provide the contact info for "AMS Software" here, so that I may contact them myself.

Any help you can provide with this would be greatly appreciated. 😄

Thanks in advance.
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Binge Watcher

Re: Contact Info For AMS Software - Roku Developer

Please just email me, jbraverman [at] roku [dot] com these requests instead of posting on the forum. I'll make contact where I think it is appropriate. I'm not going to pass on your email address, but I will let them know that there is some interest in the UK.

Note that "Countdown to the Magic" is pretty much targeted at people planning to visit a particular set of theme parks associated with a particular cartoon mouse.

- Joel

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Re: Contact Info For AMS Software - Roku Developer


Sorry for the delayed response; I've been having trouble getting my account validated for this forum. However, they've fixed that (thank you!) and I'm finally able to give you an update.

The "Countdown to the Magic" screensaver is now enabled for all countries. My apologies for missing that during the initial release.

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