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Clock display on pause

In a prior firmware push all roku's got an option added which displays the time in the top right corner of video playback when the video is paused.  By default it is enabled, and set to a 12-hour display, but what most users don't know is that it can be turned off by going to Roku's Home Screen, Settings, System, Time, and Clock Format.  You do not see the other choices until you select the "Clock Format" option.  You have 12 hr, 24hr, or none.  If it is set to none then it will not be drawn when video is paused.  Would it be possible to make that configuration setting more visible to end users? Perhaps add it as an option during setup/linking - a prompt for 'display clock' - or do some A/B testing to see what users prefer instead of just making that choice for them? Perhaps it should be in the settings/screensaver section as it is a pause video display? Two levels deep of menus would be better than 4 levels deep of menus IMO.

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Re: Clock display on pause

I wish there was a Roku clock overlay that would display when pressing pause on any platform. I believe that's what this blog is about. I cannot seem to get it to work. Sensing they did away with it. Would really like that option to come back if it is possible. Would be nice and convenient to Simply press pause and know what time it is