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Chunk Size for HLS streams

I am using the Wowza HLS stream for live programs on my channel that is already present on the channel store. Current, chunk size is 2 sec for the stream.
Sometimes, it is reported that some programs are just showing loader and doesn't able to start the stream.
Whenever such happens, it remains for a few minutes or hours and then again starts playing normally.

But, at the same moment when this issue occurs, the same program having the same configuration, plays on other platforms without any issue, but not on Roku.

I have added logs in the application, but the video player doesn't throw an error state.
Is there any way to figure out what is the main cause behind it?

Can it be something related to 2-sec chunk size, as,

  • Roku recommends media chunk duration between 4 and 6 seconds for DASH and HLS streams and 2 seconds for Smooth.

Please share your views if you can help in any way in this.

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Roku Guru

Re: Chunk Size for HLS streams

CHunk size is set to 5 seconds on HLS live stream.

It has worked for literly 4 years since before the directplayer and ever since UNTIL the system upgrade to version 9.4 now, it drops frmes and buffers like crazy making it impossible to watch the channel.

I know it is because of the system upgrade because:

Started happening right after both Roku 4 ultras were upgraded brom 9.3 to 9.4 and 2 minutes before the upgrade it didn't happen.
It started on my Roku 3 right after the upgrade but was fine right before.
And I just manually upgraded my roku TCL tv and we were watching the live channel for oer an hour before with zero problems, ran the upgrade, reloaded the channel, drops frames and buffers.

#roku 4 #roku 3 #TCL
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