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Chronic "Console connection is already in use." with Eclipse

Using Eclipse Version: 2019-09 R (4.13.0)

Deplying to a Roku 4 running 10.5.0 build 4187-17

I can deploy to the Roku and the channel runs, but the console gives the above error.

I've rebooted everything (multiple times), including leaving Roku unplugged for 1/2 /hr. or so.

This is a chronic problem and makes development impossible.

There is a problem with either the Roku plug-in or Eclipse itself or the Roku box.  I suspect it's the latter, as I can't connect via telnet either (connection refused).  So, Roku box thinks it's connected, but there's no way to clear it.

Roku need to fix this.

Any solutions out there?  I've tried everything that's been posted on this topic.

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Re: Chronic "Console connection is already in use." with Eclipse

I don't use Eclipse, but I've been battling this annoyance for years.  To be clear, does it work the first time after you reboot but not after that?  I just use telnet, but if I don't close the session before I turn off my computer I won't be able to connect again until I reboot the Roku.

If it doesn't even work the first time after a reboot, then I would suspect something with Eclipse.  Before you start Eclipse see if you can telnet to port 8085 immediately after a reboot.

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