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Checklist Scroll

Thought I might create a simple checklist that allows users to create a favorites list. I had done this once before using a springboard screen but thought I'd try it with the checklist component. Maybe a mistake. I got the checklist to populate and display the content but I can't scroll down or up in the list. Kinda under the thought process that scrolling and selection was tied to the component like in the markupgrid or markuplist. I took the checklist example from the sdk and modified some to load data from an array, which it does. Based on code, why would it not scroll? The example in the sdk has no onkey functions or observerfield.
data= CreateObject("roSGNode", "ContentNode")
example ="favCheckList")
examplerect = example.boundingRect()
example.translation = [ 500, 125 ]

for each item in m.cdata
dataItem = data.CreateChild("ContentNode")
dataItem.title= item.cname
end for
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