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Channel with image background and redirect to specific Roku app market install

Hi everybody, I wonder what is the best approach for making a channel that has only a background image and when pressing the"ok" button, it redirects to a different existing channel on the roku market, and the user can finally install or add that new channel. Thanks in advance for any hint to achieve these behavior. I'm adding some screenshot for better understanding.


roku 1.jpegroku 2.jpeg


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Roku Guru

Re: Chanel with image background and redirect to specific roku app market install

The creators of Chess Live do a thing where it allows you to add their other gaming channels (blackjack, solitaire etc).  However I'm not sure your idea will pass Roku's approval process, as they would likely reject the channel since it doesn't have content. Not sure its worth trying. Secondly, what exactly is the purpose of it, Roku affiliate marketing or something?  Reason I ask is the 'New Channels' would get flooded with new channels using this tactic.

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