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Channel submission difficulties

Hi there,

I submitted a Channel for my open source project 9 weeks ago, and have not received any feedback on the submission. We will gladly make whatever corrections need to be made, but we just haven't heard anything.

In the meantime we have a private channel, and we are doing our best with blog posts, announcements, etc. to inform our users how to install the channel, but we would like to get it into the public listings.

A private discussion is probably ideal, so if there's someone I should PM I can certainly do that. Thanks for your time.
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Level 8

Re: Channel submission difficulties

That sounds unusual. I think RokuJoel mentioned somewhere public channel review happens within 1-2 weeks (that's "net", i.e. time to first response - be approval or request for fixes, which will delay). No email from since you submitted whatsoever?

Maybe you should mention channel/pvt code as way for them to look it up.
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Level 10

Re: Channel submission difficulties


C. Shawn Smith
C. Shawn Smith
Community Liaison

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Channel submission difficulties

Sorry about that, we got a little buried, we'll get it into review/test asap.

- Joel
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