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Reel Rookie

Channel certification - deep link issue

Looking for advice.

We have a channel which is already published but we cannot get any updates submitted because we keep failing CBA specifically for deep linking.  Seems the requirements have changed since we last updated.

Anyway we do have deep linking support for live but it's not possible for roku automated tests to verify it.

You see our product required our tv tuner to be present on the network, our app detects its presence and can then play a channel from it, by url to the scene graph video player.

But of course roku test platform does not have our hardware.

We implemented deep link to play any channel given to us - provided our hardware is present of course.

We can only play live tv or recordings made using our dvr.

But we are not a typical 'channel' in that we don't stream content for playback.

Reading the requirements 5.1 says that live streams are exempt from the deep link requirement but I don't see how I can tell the automated CBA tests that.  But I did add support so you can tell the app to play a particular channel.

I am stuck in how to proceed.


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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Channel certification - deep link issue

You might want to open a ticket at

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Reel Rookie

Re: Channel certification - deep link issue

I am having the same issue this new CBA is a nightmare I tried almost everything and still getting the same errors if you find a solution please share it and let us know I even tried with their templates and watched their videos and still facing the same issues

The errors I'm getting are:

Error    Deep Linking    5.1
Error    Performance    3.6
Warning    Automation    4.4
Warning    Automation    4.5


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