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Channel access code not working

I just uploaded a new private Roku Package file for my first ever site.  How long does it take for the Channel access code page to work?  Im on:[my channel name] (my actual channel name)

The channel says "Published" in my account.

And nothing happens when I submit.  The console error is:


page.js:16 XHR failed loading: GET "[my channel name]
v._end @ page.js:16
v.end @ page.js:16
(anonymous) @ page.js:66
execute @ page.js:71
trigger @ page.js:71
(anonymous) @ page.js:71
execute @ page.js:71
trigger @ page.js:71
n.include.t.when @ page.js:107
value @ page.js:1
value @ page.js:1
s @ page.js:123
d @ page.js:123
(anonymous) @ page.js:123
v @ page.js:123
at @ page.js:123
ot @ page.js:123
st @ page.js:123
dt @ page.js:123
L @ page.js:123
B @ page.js:123
Jt @ page.js:123
Kt @ page.js:123
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ page.js:16
zo @ page.js:123
D @ page.js:123
Xt @ page.js:123
page.js:123 TypeError: Cannot read property 'singleton' of null
at Object.<anonymous> (page.js:71)
at Object.execute (page.js:71)
at Object.create (page.js:71)
at c.value (page.js:81)
at Fa (page.js:123)
at La (page.js:123)
at gs (page.js:123)
at ul (page.js:123)
at sl (page.js:123)
at Qs (page.js:123)


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