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Re: Channel Submission

Well it's somewhat comforting to hear that I'm not the only one is this boat.
I have been waiting for nearly 8 weeks for a minor cosmetic update I made to my channel to be approved.

The waiting wouldn't be so bad if Roku would just communicate. I have reached out to them via email, twitter and the forum with no luck.
I also agree that a "You are number 36 in the queue" feature would be helpful as well.

The lack of a reply or any type of response back from Roku just leaves all us devs wondering if we've been forgotten.
If the folks at Roku are out there reading this, please respond and give us an update on the current queue status. Anything is better than nothing.

The new website looks great though. Maybe they needed everyone to focus on getting it published before the holiday season.

Waiting patiently
James!details/ ...
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Re: Channel Submission

It is not very comforting to sit in Limbo !

I did have one submission where I waited and waited, then finally sent in an email.
The response, "Sorry, we forgot you !" and then they processed it.

Just knowing that they got the submission via the automated "Thank You", isn't good enough !
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Binge Watcher

Re: Channel Submission

I'm very sorry to everyone who has been sitting in limbo. We are finally getting the queue back down to something reasonable so hopefully we'll catch up with your channels this week if they have been in for more than two weeks.

- Joel
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Re: Channel Submission

Woohoo! This is great news!
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