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Channel Certification - Points clarification?

Hi everyone,

i am wondering if someone from the Roku team can clear up some confusion i have regarding the following points for channel certification. I am worried an app i am developing falls under the safe checklist and if not i would need some advice on how to correct it? (

2. Policy
  2.2. Internal Nesting Restricted: Channel does not allow browsers, applications, and/or 3rdparty content offerings within application
As i am developing a pair Android app, that will basically just cast videos to my channel, and the user will have some custom controls in the app. 

My plan was to put a message pointing users that install my channel to go the Google Play Store and download the android app to be able to use the channel? Neither the app nor the channel make sense without one or another. Does this count as 3rd party content offerings?
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Roku Guru

Re: Channel Certification - Points clarification?

I don't foresee an issue for your app. There are quite a few apps that cast content into Roku and that is most welcome, there are remote control apps... see ... ontrol+API (in addition, the apps can communicate by other network means, http/tcp/udp).

Here is one published 3rd party app that comes to mind that even requires an external companion app - ... arty-games - it is a game, for which participants have to download Android app which lets them use the phone as a touch-pad controller.

The "no internal nesting" rule - as i personally understand it - is different, against publishing "empty shell" apps with misleading behavior or high potential for copyright abuse/violations, like loading completely different app, "theft of services" etc
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Re: Channel Certification - Points clarification?

Ok, thank you very much for clarifying that 🙂
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