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Change Scenes


I would like to do some logic in main.brs and load different scenes based on the situation. However, I would like to exit out of the scene also and change to another one.

Is this possible?

If not, how would I put an authentication screen before everyything. I have all my code in the main screen, but once I am in it, I have lots of other children components there.

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Roku Guru

Re: Change Scenes

I believe it's best to have only one scene and create your screens from different components, attach and remove them from the main scene as your application flows.
So you may want to move the code from your main scene into a main component, or you can probably still keep it there and just present a separate auth component before allowing the main Scene's main contents to display.  for example set your main group / container to visible = false until after the auth process succeeds, hope this may be of help!
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