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Level 8

Chaneru Beta Updated

Uploaded a new beta for both the channel and server.
The channel version is 1.1 Roku access code SHZFF
And the server is 1.034 -

Channel: Display photo name and parent folder when paused.
Channel: Pause, resume streaming movie.
Channel: Added randomize option for photos.
Channel: Changed scan procedure, faster.
Channel: Add folder icons for all that apply.
Channel: Fixed encode decode latin characters again.
Channel: Change loading of background music for slideshows, also made it shuffle.
Channel: Fixed ".url" ( ^ key from remote ) hang during slideshow.
Channel: Fixed ID3 tag bug.
Channel: Remember the scanner address.

Server: Add -s option to start server from command line.
Server: Add select for ip interface in server options.
Server: Corrected spelling and added machine name to server ID.
Server: Add a control to server options for random music during slideshows.
Server: Slideshow "Browse for music" accepts a folder.
Server: Pin code access for folders.

Plus any bugs found on the way.

The Roku_Config.txt has two new parameters:
ss_shuffle=1/0 <---- photos
ss_random=1/0 <---- music

Could someone test out the channel/server's ability to work on a LAN ?
I'm in Spain and don't have access to anything but a DSL and I can't get the Roku to connect.
You should be able to select the IP interface in the server and then restart it.

Thanks ... Jim
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