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Category -> to poster screen help

I have my design and I see my category screen, but when I click on a category, nothing happens.

I suppose this is because I have no category leafs yet (they are not necessary at this point as far as I understand).

I want a user to click "horror" from the category list and go straight to the horror poster screen that lists all the titles. As I understand it, a categoryLeaf would add another click to this.

Using the videoplayer source, what code do I edit inside of categoryFeed.brs and showFeed.brs to enable this function?

Here is an example from my 'categories' xml:
<category title="Horror" description="" 

But I don't want to completely eliminate the categoryLeaf function. I will use it later.

Thank you all for your help!
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Level 7

Re: Category -> to poster screen help

I misinterpreted what I was asking in the OP.

To clarify, I would like to go directly from a category to a movie list in that category without the leaf.

While still having the leaf function available for other categories.
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