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Can't seem to upload application package?

I am on the screen with Unpublished on the left and Published on the right. I select the file I want to upload and click Save. It then reloads the page and I don't see anything different. There is no error or anything. Anyone run into this before? Tried under multiple browsers and various iterations of the file name (thought that might be it). Its the same final zip I am testing with on our devices.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Can't seem to upload application package?

You need to read the channel packaging and publishing guide. There are a few steps involved. You telnet into your development roku box and generate a password. You save that password. Then you'll notice on that "dev web page" exposed by the roku that there's a "Packager" link in the top left. From there is where you create a package. Your roku device generates packages -- they are not the zipped file you first upload. They have an extension of ".pkg" and a guid for the name. After your roku creates the package, you download it to your local computer and upload it to the channel store.

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