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Can't implement deep linking in roku chanel

I have made a Roku channel, which is going to search queries and display the results of images.

There is no video in my channel, the purpose is to search for anything and the channel will give images and some feed results. But when uploading to Roku, it fails certification of deep linking, how can I implement deep linking in this channel, how can I play specific videos on specific parameters?

My source/main.brs fileMy source/main.brs file

And when I test by a curl request like this 

curl -d '' ''

this will print the statements and comes here to where I am printing inputs just for seeing what's going on, but when I test through this command

curl -d '' ''

it restarts my channel and does not come to the print statements.

My Questions:

  1. How can I play specific videos of my channel from source/main.brs file, when receiving input from an input curl command.?
  2. How can I handle these deep links if my channel does have not any videos, just have search functionality to search images and feed?
  3. What can I do about the launch command, it just restarts my channel, but it does not come to my print statements, it just re-launches my channel, is this behavior ok, I have also tested Roku sample deep linking, and they are also restarting on launch command, can't understand about that?

Please Let me know if you know something about that, I am really stuck and can't understand what to do, the channel is working fine, but due to a deep linking requirement it is stuck, please help me.

Thanks in advance

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Roku Guru

Re: Can't implement deep linking in roku chanel

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