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Can't get the Sample Unit Testing in Roku to work


I have been developing an app for a month with Brightscript and Scenegraph and am really happy with Roku so far.
It is now a good time to unit test my app in order to make it as secure as it can be but I ran into a few issues.

Roku provides a Unit Test framework here which I am trying to use

After trying I don't seem to be able to make their sample project work.

Here is what I have been doing :

1. Cloning the project at
2. Go into samples/RSGTestsExample and run import_unit_test_framework.bat
3. Trying to sideload the sample, which doesn't work

I have tried zipping the file and uploading it through HTTP but Roku tells me there is a compilation problem.
Have also tried using the VSCode tools to side-load my app but they also highlight many files showing errors.

Am I missing something?

Thank your for your help.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Can't get the Sample Unit Testing in Roku to work

Hi @DavidS1,

Have you looked at the Roku's automated channel testing software and documentation. These are more recent than the GitHub project you were trying to work with.

You can use Roku's test automation software to write and execute test cases. The software includes Roku's custom Selenium-based WebDriver APIs and Robot and JavaScript libraries.

Re: Can't get the Sample Unit Testing in Roku to work

Is the old way removed now?  I have a code base that has those tests in there, but they no longer run (they used to).  Did a Roku update eliminate that?

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