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Can’t get any sense out of partner success

I have a channel that has been published and in the channel store for years, no issues. I have multiple subscribers and it has generated a constant income. It’s very much a public channel and so has passed all the tests required of it when it was published.

now I get an email to say it’s a beta channel and it will be removed. But it’s not.

yes, when I look in the dashboard now a beta marker is now showing but it’s never been there before. My understanding is a beta channel is just what it suggests a non-public test channel. Which my channel definitely us not. It’s public, with subscribers and a years long billing history.

im trying to get partner success to listen but all I get is told that it’s a beta channel and to read the docs, no one is listening. I’m dealing with Jen and she is locked into full robot script reader mode.

how can I get help on this, it’s obviously a database door where my public channel has had this beta flag turned on in error and it needs repairing before I loose all my subscribers.

why must getting support always get to the stage where I have to scream?


Re: Can’t get any sense out of partner success

It turns out partner success (ha!) decided to change my channel to a beta channel some time ago.


only the decided not to bother telling me because I’m a mind reader obviously now!


well, I think that stinks.

now they send out a letter telling me my channel will be removed in a month but subs deleted 21 days before that, so in essence, rewrite and get your channel approved in 10 days.

is that fair?

I don’t think do but thats Roku now.


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