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Can I stream my Roku channel to my website?

I'm starting a Roku channel, and want to stream it on my channel's official website. This is so that users on mobiles and computers can watch the channel (if they don't have a Roku device yet) Is there a way to do this? I'm using the Custom Channel (not direct publisher) thru Instant TV Channel.

When I ran a Tikilive channel a few years ago, it was a simple matter of just pointing the embedded player to the RTMP stream. Can't seem to find that for Roku.

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Re: Can I stream my Roku channel to my website?

I do the same but in short NO I do not think you can via some embed code.

What I do is this.
The script I run to create an Xml file I also use create a web browser playlist and load that on a web site using jwplayer or any html5 player can read.

This way when ever I append the masterlist of files both Roku and the website is updated.
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Re: Can I stream my Roku channel to my website?

For better or worse, you should be able to embed your Roku video content... because Roku doesn't host content.

All videos that you watch on the Roku platform are hosted on a CDN. In fact, the very first message on this forum is a pinned thread about video CDNs and service providers.

Generally speaking, if you control the content, you'll be able to play it wherever you like. You link to the same URLs from your web player as you do from Roku in most cases.
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