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Streaming Star

Can I set a boolean global variable?

Hi to all.

I am developing a channel for our firm and am having some question (a lot of them).

One of these questions is if I can create a global boolean variable.

I am able to create string global variables this way: = m.screen.getGlobalNode() = "GlobalNode""TOKEN", "string", true)

then, I write to the variable: = "09834934539"

and read it, in any scene:
token =

This works fine, but it seems that I can't use something to use global boolean variables as:"AUTHENTICATED", "boolean", true)

then set it: = true

and read it:
isauthenticated =

Is this the correct way or I am wrong?

Thanks for any clue about it.


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Roku Guru

Re: Can I set a boolean global variable?

Yes is corect use


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