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I created a BusySpinner in BS and repeatedly called a TASK to build up a scroll-able screen.There could be a large number of entries, so I call the TASK for multiple groups.I started with a group of 200 but it looks like the spinner hangs until the TASK completes. Lowered it to a group of 20, just so the spinner would.
The spinner STOPS while running the TASK. I guess because it runs under my BS activity ?

Would creating the spinner inside of a TASK make it functional ?
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Roku Guru

Re: BusySpinner

You mean would the spinner keep spinning with a task. Yes. ... gIndicator

That example might help.

The thread you call the BS Activity thread is actually the render thread. Inside a task is the worker thread. Inside the worker thread you can animate the indicator that shows in the render thread.
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Roku Guru

Re: BusySpinner

Sounds like you are just calling it to start and stop in the wrong spots.. I'm not sure I even fully understand the question but I have had no problems and I have tested it with over 10,000 files rendering in a task.
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