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Building an MRSS feed -- Solution Project

When I created my channels I concluded the best way to give access to the content was secure the pkg into the Roku, this locked and protected against a breach of intellectual ownership. This was my own choice of

However looking at the new concept of providing an mrss feed solves an issue for advertising for any channel. Here is my question I hope will usher in solutions and ideas to grow the medium that makes Roku unique.

1)We need a feature that gives us an download of an mrss template or a script that is built in to Atom.

2)Using ATOM the script would allow the creator to modify the video url and image and even add categories to complete the feed.

3)In the setup ATOM would allow the finished rss to be uploaded by way of FTP to host.

4)Final host option to reduce costs perhaps Roku may partner with a super host, to store all the rss feeds as a failsafe to secure as a premium one time costs to enhance the protection of content.

The following message was created on the basis of a joint attempt to gather feedback to help all developers. In the last few weeks I have been researching servers and CMS solutions and unable to find one solution outside of
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Re: Building an MRSS feed -- Solution Project

Since my host is on WordPress I did install the plugin JWplayer and setup my account but the rss and Json do not recognize a description or image hosted. So far still trying to get this to work. Any easier way to do this?
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