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Building a Custom Video Player / playlist

Hello All,

I see there is a cool example of how to build a custom video player which plays a list of videos from a JSON file at the Roku Developer Blog here:

My problem is that I want to have this JSON file on a remote server so it can be updated frequently not in the code like the example. I know that this can be done using roUrlTransfer, like in this other blog example:

However, quite frankly my attempts to combine the two code examples properly have been fruitless and seems to be well beyond my skills at this point. I know what I want to accomplish, but just can't get there!! I'm sure this is quite a simple task for an experienced programmer. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I would even be up to paying a bit if it's reasonable (I'm just small, little one-man company!)

Jon C. Moon
Ridgeline TV
jonmoon AT ridgelinetv DOT net
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