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Bug: Roku reboots on DHCP IP change when in channel

I am investigating mysterious ECP/SSDP bug that all ECP remote seem to run into and as part of it I am testing change of IP address during DHCP renewal (i.e. DHCP server does not renew IP on expiration of lease but offers new one). This is a real case that happens in some SOHO routers, i was using one like that couple of years ago, it would change assigned IP addresses on a whim.

So I set expiration and new leases, and in the mean while I had Pandora playing on the Roku. Suddenly the player rebooted, as if power-cycled. I am guessing this is because the IP address change happened. In the router log I see that Roku has been begging multiple times (for at least fifteen minutes) to extend the lease and the router have been responding with the new IP.

I understand change of IP is a major thing in TCP/IP stack and no established TCP connections or UDP streaming cannot be expected to survive, sure. But the player crashing is no way to go either - much more understandable would be if e.g. Pandora reported there has been network problem. Since this caused player reboot and not just exit of the current channel, I assume the problem is in the underlying implementation of audio streaming and not in the Pandora app as such.

PS. is there a better way to report firmware bugs? I.e. bug-tracker to directly submit bugs or a bit more deterministic way of soliciting response?
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Re: Bug: Roku reboots on DHCP IP change when in channel

Thanks EnTerr. This is the only mechanism we currently have for reporting bugs.

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