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Auto-Detect Captions

I have an app that includes several streams based off of a RSS feed. One of the streams has captions in 608 format, the others do not have any captions yet, but may add them in the future.

On my daughter's Roku 2 the captions on that one stream appear just fine, but they don't show up on my Roku 3.

To get them to show on my Roku 3 I had to add in the following code to enable the captions:
episode.SubtitleConfig = {TrackName: "eia608/1"}

This gets the captions to show up for the stream that has them, but as a side effect all the other streams display the caption options in the pop-up menu despite there not being any captions for them.

Is there a way to get the Roku 3 to auto-detect the captions like the Roku 2 seems to?

I am using the roVideoScreen if that helps at all.

Thanks in advance.

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