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AudioLanguageSelected Deprecation is Shortsighted

Updating to OS 9.2 I see that AudioLanguageSelected functionality has been removed.  I believe the decision to deprecate this field was shortsighted.  While I could understand the rationale if content were limited to television and movie content, I believe it limits the potential for sporting and other events.

Consider the following two scenarios:

1. A baseball stream with commentary tracks in multiple languages AND a "Ballpark Experience" track (crowd noise, PA announcer, NO commentary).  Should the user not be able to save this as their preferred audio track within the channel?

2. A motor racing channel with an onboard camera option and multiple available audio tracks (onboard & commentary in multiple languages).  For the onboard camera, the appropriate default audio track would be onboard (engine noises, tires, any radio communications).  However, with no AudioLanguageSelected field, the audio track would incorrectly default to the audio commentary.

In each of these scenarios, the net effect is that the user must repeatedly perform additional configuration to achieve the desired result, and in the second case, the correct result.  This is not ideal.

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Binge Watcher

Re: AudioLanguageSelected Deprecation is Shortsighted


According to roku OS 9.2 update the only one deprecated API method is:


1. Does AudioLanguageSelected work on OS 9.1 as you expect?

2. If yes perhaps it's roku bug. I noticed few things were broken in SDK after 9.2 update.


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