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AudioApp Example not working

Hi all,

I am running v2.9 build 1509. When I install the audioapp example from the SDK's ZIP files directory, the channel gets installed but it won't run. Same thing happens if I zip the files myself from the "sources" directory.

I have reset my Roku and the same thing happens.

Can somebody confirm if they are experiencing the same behavior?



BTW: The other example apps get installed and run fine.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: AudioApp Example not working

You're right. It looks like the audioapp example in the 2.8 SDK download is missing several files. Here's a link to the audioapp example from the 2.7 SDK, it should work.
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Re: AudioApp Example not working

Thanks, that works correctly!
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Re: AudioApp Example not working

Thanks for pointing this out.

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