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Level 8

Audio Player Seek() ????

I tried using the seek() function to position both forward and back in a song and either I'm doing it wrong or something is screwy.
Do you have to stop() or pause() before the seek() ? I tried it both ways and without either and it still doesn't function correctly.

I have it setup to forward and reverse seek with the remote keys. I'm trying to do a fast forward and reverse. Each click of the button bumps + or - 10 seconds from what I think is the current position and then do the seek() to that value. It does something but I don't know what.

If you go beyond the end of the song the audio stops, which it should. But shouldn't the next song pickup ?

I use the elapsed time to handle the progress bar and it functions correctly. So the elapsed time is correct and the total length of the song is correct. I have debug statements in that show the "current" location based on elapsed time of where I think the song is. But when it reaches about 50% of the total, the song ends. So I ran off the end !

Any thoughts ?
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Level 18

Re: Audio Player Seek() ????

It doesn't work on MP3s. There's a thread here someplace.

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Level 7

Re: Audio Player Seek() ????

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Roku XDS (K0A073000137)
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