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Level 10

AppDialogInitiate and AppDialogComplete help needed

Can someone help with this:


Where should it be placed? In the Main.brs but does it matter where in the code it is placed as long as it is not in the "while" loop? is this correct?

Is this all of the code that goes with it or am I missing part of the code? This goes on a subscription channel and I'm understanding this completes the start and stop of the top screen for subscriber login...

I don't have any errors on Static Analysis but it shows the following as a warning. Seems channel will still be approved with a "warning" message but I'm trying to clean it up and make the fix now instead of later.

For your channel to pass certification, your application must fire the "AppDialogInitiate" and "AppDialogComplete" beacons if the channel UI displays a login, user selection, EULA, or any other dialog before the home page.
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Level 7

Re: AppDialogInitiate and AppDialogComplete help needed

Have you found any solution for this?

I'm facing the same issue where this warning message is coming up only in case of AppDialogInitiate and AppDialogComplete

BRIGHTSCRIPT: WARNING: roSGNode.signalBeacon: initiate before signaling AppDialogInitiate

I'm handling the other beacons in same manner. Issue is only with AppDialog beacons.
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