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Advice on Marketing please

Hello everyone, first off please excuse me for asking simple questions. We are learning everyday. With Roku moving many of our best channel to private and then dropping ads on the others we are re-building constantly. We are doing OK. But, how do we bring in new subscribers? Our numbers have been steady but not growing quickly enough. I am starting to try and add links and paste URL. This brings me to a question: Where are the URL add channel links? I know where I think they are but I want to be sure. How would you get people to your private channels? Should I simplify my vanity codes on all? I appreciate any and all advice. 

On the ad side. We have a couple good ad aggregates but I really would like a couple back-ups. Is there anyone that pays a decent rate you might recommend? 

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Re: Advice on Marketing please

Hi @zpinternational 

start looking at your channel as a product , or asset you want to monetize , like a blog where you monetize with ads ....

you'll get some ideas 

like for example you could promote your private channels on your public channels ,  build a blog around your channel and send traffic that way  , so on .....  depending on your channel topic there are lots of options , you just need to think a little bit outside the box .... 

Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>
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Re: Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR

In order to find emails, check email enrichment tool for Google Sheets that goes into subscribers' accounts and gets all the information it can about them - . The person's email address is in this part of the page, so look there. Somewhere on their servers, there is a copy of this software that they can use. Hotkeys and keywords make it easy to send personalized emails right away. If you know how to get the most out of email addresses, you can use them to quickly grow your mailing list and promote your website, which will help you make more money.

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