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Advertising rates for channels

I have tried searching for a specific answer to this topic, but can't find anything concrete.

I am starting a new channel that will hopefully be debuting in the Roku Channel Store sometime this summer. I don't really know where to begin when it comes to advertising. I have seen on other channels where ads roll-in and I know that Roku has this capability in the code to do so. I will be working a tradeshow promoting the channel next weekend and am looking for answers to questions about advertising that might arise.

What I don't know comes from the marketing standpoint. Where do I go to sign up for an ad server to maybe feed national remnant ads in and for specific "local" advertisers, what kind of rates would I charge? I'm not sure what standard ad rates are for Roku channels and how one goes about selling that to a potential client. I know I could use the 5 million Roku player household install base, but that's about the only number I have.

What do other channel developers charge for ads on average?
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Re: Advertising rates for channels

Most developers with ads use an existing ad network that is VAST Compatible, like YuMe, OpenX, Liverail, etc. You add the vast playback code into your roku app, and they track what ads are viewed, by whom, however many times the ads play, and they pay you the money (a penny or so per ad that was played).
If you are setting up your own advertising network backend, in order to be competitive you would need to line up advertisers yourself and offer features and pricing comparable or better than what already exists.
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