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Ads timeout


We are using Roku ads framework to render the ads. but sometimes server takes time to respond in pre load ads. so we need to set time out for ads like if server does not respond in certain seconds than skip that ad and move forward to playing the video. I was checking the Roku doc but didn't find any function regarding this. I have enabled enableJITPods which helped me but still we are sometimes having the same issue while server respond a bit late so is there any way I can add timeout to the RAF.getAds() please?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Ads timeout

Not sure if you are asking about fetching the ad info (VAST/VMAP/SMRX) or playing the ad videos.

When playing, there are some preset limits already to make sure ad does not take longer to buffer than actual play time.

When fetching ad data, there is a timeout for each individual request, 5 seconds or so.
If there are multiple ads returned, this may still take long time. JiT fetching of ads is meant to help by deferring fetching of wrapped ads to later when content is playing.
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