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Adding a new row in Hero Grid Channel

Hi everyone, 

I hope you're all well 🙂

This weekend I finally started to put together my first ROKU channel and are using the Hero Grid Channel template/code located here:

I'm trying to make all the thumbnails under the main row the same generic size (i.e.; not poster) - I've changed the dimensions for this row and it now shows the correct dimensions, but, under it has created a gap about the same size as the other rows?

All very odd and I reckon I must be doing something obviously wrong.

If anyone has any tips, then I would love to know what I could do to fix this 🙂

I'm not actually at my machine that I code at at the moment, however, I'm more than happy to send over on here script/code if anyone wants to have a look to see what I maybe doing wrong (hopefully its simple/obvious to those that know):

The code from GitHub is:

Many thanks,
Chris 🙂
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Re: Adding a new row in Hero Grid Channel

Hi Chris,

I'm using the Hero-Grid-Channel as my basis:

But not seeing any replies. Your post has been here for 7 months with no reply so I'm not very encouraged.

I'm going to look into another basic channel template to see if I get better results. I'll post if I find anything.

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Re: Adding a new row in Hero Grid Channel


You need to change rowHeights in the xml file as well. I was doing something similar - take a look at what I changed mine to, and maybe that will help.

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Re: Adding a new row in Hero Grid Channel

If your rowHeights and rowItemSize don't change, I think you only have to add them as far as the differences occur.

So if there's only one row that's larger - then you can streamline your code to

Has anyone found differently?
Craig Sharkie
Connected TV Lead, Engineering – EDS & OD
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