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Adding Scene Graph roSGScreen to existing BrightScript application? Recommended?


I have an existing Roku application built using only the BrightScript Component Screens (e.g., roGridScreen, roPosterScreen, etc.). That's to say, no Scene Graph API.

I'm getting started in ramping up on the Scene Graph API and beginning to think I can use it to enhance one of my screens by changing it from its original roParagraphScreen into a more customized roSGScreen. I don't plan on updating the rest of the application, just this screen of the app. It will include buttons to navigate to other sections of the app. Is this recommended?

I ask due to some of the language I found in the Task Node documentation:

A Task node also allows you to run functions that cannot be run in Scene Graph node or component, typically BrightScript code functions involving operations such as reading data from servers and file system manipulation. (You also cannot, and should not, run functions in a Scene Graph application for operations that are functionally the same as Scene Graph nodes and components, such as playing videos.)

Does my use case sound okay? Or should I stick with non-Scene Graph API solutions for my application.


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Re: Adding Scene Graph roSGScreen to existing BrightScript application? Recommended?

You can give it a shot. It will hurt and you will bleed - but may come away some-the-wiser

Fair warning: since 7.5, the console is useless for debugging multi-threaded (aka RSG) apps. Not likely to be fixed any time soon, was related to me
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