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Re: Accessing global functions in SceneGraph components?

@tylersmith that’s awesome, thanks
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Level 8

Re: Accessing global functions in SceneGraph components?

Hey @tylersmith - don't spose you've got an example of _any_ of your util methods.. just want to be sure I'm structuring things right.. i.e. what is your util class? xml node/task?

I'm trying to architect what I'm doing in a way that suits 7.6+ firmware - most all examples seem architecturally years old - I wish Roku woudl update their docs/apps to reflect their new provisions - God alone knows how many people are observing fields left right center haplessly, or how many people don't know that you can efficiently copy in .brs files to .xml since 7.5 - I think their own docs state that's a performance risk; yet the release notes for 7.5 clearly supersede that..

So many ways to scew up making an app..

sorry for rant - if you woulnd't, pleeasssse, mind just giving me a snippet with even just 1 util function to show how you're using it. I'd really be in your debt.

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