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AU and NZ, Roku to follow Netflix?

With the news that Netflix are to enter the Australian and New Zealand markets this year, can we expect an announcement soon from Roku that their devices will be available in those countries soon?

It would be a welcome boost to developers to have their channels available in another two English speaking countries.

As well as providing new opportunities to cater to our Australian and New Zealander friends.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: AU and NZ, Roku to follow Netflix?

All I can officially say at this point is we intend to expand sales into new European and Latin American countries this year.

- Joel
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Re: AU and NZ, Roku to follow Netflix?

I'm very much an advocate of you expanding into other markets so that is good to hear.

I hope the powers that be also expand your staffing levels to cope too, you do seem to be at that point where its necessary.

Roku has done an excellent job of carving out a space, it would be a shame to just stand around and let others race ahead and overtake.
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