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A centralized configurable App builder framework

Hi all, just came up with one of the ideas , thought it could be taken as an initiative. Can we come up with a framework or a solution wherein we can build any app by just configuration, I mean you want to build an app that plays videos? okay, just specify the content to be played, where on the screen you want it, what text do you want beside it to describe it , and boom , it starts playing . We can kick off with a solution for a subset of apps, for ex apps for playing videos like episodes wherein we just have to specify the urls , and where to play , nothing else (no specific info as whether you want to use video screen or player or stuff like that). Let us start off and keep it in incubation , what say ? we can learn a lot of automation stuff in the process of building up the framework.
I know this is a naive idea , can we do it ? is it feasible?
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Re: A centralized configurable App builder framework

Something like this maybe?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: A centralized configurable App builder framework

Also this:

or this:

So, yes, it is feasible, I encourage you to go ahead and build your ideas.

- Joel
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