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Level 10

4K Videoscreen branding metadata?

If I have encoded a 4K video - next to the dots with rovideoscreen, is it possible to get a "4K" logo there instead of "HD" ? And will "FullHD" bring back the "1080P" branding or how do we show that one?
With four or five available quality metadata entries can someone post a chart of what is required to get the different branding logos to appear on the roVideoScreen buffering display please?

StreamQualities / roArray / Array of Strings quality indicators identifying a stream as "SD" or "HD"
IsHD / Boolean / Boolean indicating if content is HD
Stream and Streams / roAssociativeArray /with Params: { url : String / bitrate : Integer / quality : Boolean
FullHD / Boolean / roVideoPlayer or roVideoScreen / Specify that this stream was encoded at 1080p resolution.
HDBranded / Boolean / Boolean indicating if HD branding should be displayed

Is there a 4K branding option?
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Level 10

Re: 4K Videoscreen branding metadata?

Roku responded there isn't a 4K branding graphic available - but I'd still be curious about a "FullHD" branding option and what is required, if we can get that back.
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