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remotes wont talk to my device which no longer is on account

My remote nor the mobile remote will connect with the device.  I get the guided menu and when i press on the remote you can see the lights on the device react but nothing happens.

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Re: remotes wont talk to my device which no longer is on account


Just to make sure I understand what you're saying...

You have a Roku device attached to your TV.

You can see the Roku main menu on the screen.

You have a Roku remote, but when you press a button, you see a light flash on the Roku, but no action and no sound occur.

You have the Roku app on your phone, and you have connected to the Roku device via the app, but when you press the button, all you see is a light on the Roku flash, and there is no corresponding action nor sound.

Is all that correct? Is any of what I wrote incorrect? If so, confirm that please. If not, correct me so I better understand the situation.

Oh, and what Roku device are you using? Model number is helpful.

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