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latest update pushed without permission?

I have a Roku model 4630x, that's the one with a HDMI out and a Ethernet input.

Apparently Roku pushed an update and putting it bluntly this update SUCKS.

Pressing button "A" used to bring one back to a visual list of videos or clips.

Now it does one of two things, asks if you want to leave the channel you are on, like YouTube, (exit YouTube?) NO STUPID if I wanted to exit YouTube I would press the button next to Button "A"

The other thing is while watching a service I pay for, Amazon Prime, and I press button "A"  the **bleep** thing always wants to install dammed "sling"

Look Roku, I don't like you pushing the **bleep** "sling" channel on something I own. I'm just about to throw the piece of **bleep** in the trash and use another service.



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Re: latest update pushed without permission?

The back button leaves many (most?) channels – sometimes with a question – sometimes not.  I have also seen complaints from some people that the back button does NOT reliably leave ALL channels as they expected.  (For example, Netflix.)  I believe the back button is under the control of each channel.  Some implement back in an Android sort of style where you can back all the way out of an app, and some not.

I don’t recall the back button ever wanting to install Sling when I was in Prime.  Hmm.. Just tried it again, and it works as expected for me – no Sling.  Since you have a Sling button on your remote, I would kind of suspect that something had gone wrong with the button matrix and it was reading the wrong key – but I don’t know how that would only affect you in Prime.

Maybe restarting your Roku might help?


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Re: latest update pushed without permission?

I tried restarting it several times, also totally disconnected it.

Unless you know of a hidden, paperclip hole to restart with factory defaults?

Been looking on Amazon for alternate streaming devices with a network connection. I found this;

Android TV Box 12.0, X98H PRO Smart TV Box 4GB 32GB with Mini Backlit Keyboard, H618 Chip Support 2.4G/5.8G WiFi6 1000M Ethernet LAN Bluetooth 5.0 3D/6K




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