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Why are their remotes so awful!!!!!!

I have a different complaint with my remote(s). I haven't had them long enough to have the battery problem yet. But they are very unresponsive. The first one I had came with the ROKU TV I bought. It was so unresponsive that I had to purchase a different, new remote to control my brand new TV! (Yes, I checked the batteries first.) The one that came in the mail worked very well. That being said, they are still not very responsive remotes on the whole. Are they not radio frequency? It's like they have a very hard time turning TVs on. Once the tv's on they are better, but I still must complain about the ergonomics as long as I'm this far in. I can't easily tell if the thing is right side up or upside down. And the volume control frequently requires two hands since it is right where my index finger meets the palm of my hand. Pause/play button should stand out better by touch and be easier to differentiate from the surrounding buttons. Terrible remote. Now I am renting a house with two Roku TVs (and two remotes of course). And it is the same thing. VERY difficult for them to turn the TVs on. Pitiful really. Does someone make one that works better with Roku products? What a disappointment. I would never bring one of these piles of cr*# into our house again. There MUST be better alternatives. Trust me, they will be utilized.

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Re: Why are their remotes so awful!!!!!!

Hello @katatat

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku community!

Could you try re-pairing your remote to your Roku device and see if that will resolve the issue you're experiencing? We recommend doing basic troubleshooting steps on that Roku remote and checking if these steps would resolve this issue: How to fix your Roku voice or simple remote that is not working 

If you are still having problems, please provide the serial number of the Roku device associated with the affected remote. and I'll be able to pass along your information to our Support team to assist you further.



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Re: Why are their remotes so awful!!!!!!

I have bought Roku devices and spare remotes, official and third party. They. Are. Junk. Send it off for repair is amazing. They will just send a new one that will work for a bit then sit idle and refuse to work. The only solution I have found is to use the app on your phone. That is lighting fast. HOWEVER then you need a smart phone to watch TV. Literally going elsewhere because of this boring recurring problem. It has been the same for years. I have no faith they will ever get it sorted. 

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Re: Why are their remotes so awful!!!!!!

Hi @gksproductions,

Greetings from the Roku Community, and thanks for flagging this issue with us!

We'd love to further investigate this issue that you're having with the Roku remote. Can you please provide the following information below?

  • What Roku device are you using right now? (Roku Express, Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, Roku streambar, Roku TV-Specify)
  • What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far?

With detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                    John

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