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Which replacement remote should i purchase?

Lost my remote. Which replacement remote do i buy to pair with a streaming stick, model number 3930X?

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Re: Which replacement remote should i purchase?


Roku model 3930X is not a Streaming Stick model, it is one of a number of models released over time under the Express model name. 

The 3930X can use ANY of the remotes currently sold by Roku:

  • The Simple Remote is similar to the one that came with the 3930X originally, a direct line-of-sight infrared remote that controls only the Roku itself.  It will control any Roku device with the exception of:
     1) Streaming Stick models because they are normally used behind the TV set where infrared cannot reach so the have no infrared receptors,  and
    2) Roku TVs which use a different set of infrared control codes.
  • The Voice Remote is a point-anywhere remote that controls the Roku via WiFi.   These must be paired with the specific Roku you want to use it with.  They can be used with Roku TVs and all but the very oldest Rokus of any model.  A built-in microphone accepts Roku control commands by voice while the microphone button is held down.  They have buttons to control the connected TV's power, volume, and mute functions by infrared.
  • The Voice Remote Pro is similar to the Voice Remote, plus adds several functions.  It has a permanent rechargeable battery, a headphone jack for private listening, two additional buttons that can be programmed to execute any voice command, and a remote finder function activated by the remote finder button on a Roku Ultra or via the Roku remote app on an iOS or Android mobile device.  There is also an optional "hands free" ability with an on/off switch to make the microphone always listen instead of having to hold down the microphone button.

You can also find the above Roku-sourced remotes at many local retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, and big box electronic stores, and online at Amazon and other sources.

There are also direct replacements for the original infrared remote from third party manufacturers you can find at many retailers - just be sure they say they are for Roku devices, not Roku TVs.

Many inexpensive infrared universal remotes which can control your TV and other devices contain codes to control Rokus.

[Edited to add...]  If you really do have a Streaming Stick model (has a mail HDMI plug on the end that can be plugged directly into the TV rather than an HDMI socket requiring an HDMI cord) then you can only use the two WiFi Voice Remotes mentioned above.

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