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Volume Control issues on a Roku Ultra...No support from ROKU

Basically after looking at this forum and reading the same issue that I am experiencing, run away volume control, I have come to the conclusion that ROKU support is **bleep**. It appears the issue is widespread and ROKU has not addressed the problem that exists.  Visit the support pages...what a joke! I have tried everything that ROKU suggests and everything that has recommended on these pages with NO luck. It is extremely annoying to push the volume control down and it goes all the way to zero or at night to push the volume up and have it blast you out.  And good luck trying to search these pages for a way to contact ROKU support either through a phone number or email. I have been trying several days to get into the support pages and I either I get an error on the page or the wheel spins trying to load. Roku seems to say you bought it you live with it. If I can't get this repaired shortly this thing is going in the trash, And I don't believe in getting another universal remote as a work's letting ROKU off the hook. My thoughts right now is that this company is extremely lacking customer support. Someone prove me wrong.