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Reel Rookie

Sony TV message "TV Volume is Fixed" -- Would like to remove it

I am converting over to streaming from Verizon FiOS and am having a small "annoyance" that I would like to remove.  Here is my current setup

  • TV - Sony Bravia XBR-65X800B
  • Soundbar - Vizio s4251w-B4 w/Subwoofer and speakers
  • Roku - Roku Ultra with Remote

Soundbar connected to TV via Optical Cable, Roku is on HDMI1 to TV.  Soundbar does not support HDMI inputs since it's old...Sony TV doesn't support HDMI-CEC

I was able to get the Vizio Soundbar to be controlled by the Roku Remote using the IR learning mode on the soundbar via a community post.  I also changed the TV Audio to NOT use the TV speakers but use the Audio System setting.  The problem is that when I increase or decrease the volume...the TV displays "TV Volume is Fixed" for about 10 seconds.  If I change the variable, then the Roku volume controls BOTH the TV Speaker volume and the Soundbar volume.  I looked around via google and tried things with the Headphone setting, etc...but nothing seems to fix this.  I can live with this, but it would be nice to not have the "TV Volume is Fixed" message come up when I move the soundbar volume up and down.  It feels like I want to set up the Roku Remote to control the TV Power but NOT the TV Volume (only soundbar volume) but there seems to be no easy way to do that either.  Again, this is more of an annoyance, but if I could get that message not to come up, I would be all set.  

Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated.  

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